Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anthony & Susie's Wedding

A little over a month ago The Husband and I went to a beautiful wedding in Los Gatos, CA. One of our mutual friends (and one of The Husband's co-workers), Anthony, married a super cool woman named Susie, in a gorgeous outdoor, Northern California venue. The food was superb, the drinks superb-er. It was our 6th wedding of the year (6 of 8) but, I'm telling you, I never get tired of them. This one was mighty special, so I thought I'd share. Enjoy...

Before the ceremony, we were greeted with fresh watermelon juice and jalapeno lemonade. I know, it sounds weird, but the lemonade was actually fantastic.

The alter was decorated with these beautiful hanging arrangements.

They handmade the programs.

These are my friend Shannon's legs. I mean, come on.

And then the bride, and the good stuff...

Yes, tears. Anthony's vows were cripplingly poignant and loving. It was a beautiful ceremony. After the kiss and enough time for the men to inconspicuously wipe their tears away, we trotted up the hill, taking seconds on the lemonade and juice. When we reached the reception garden we were greeted by this awesome place-card display...

The wedding was intimate and the details left nothing without character and charm.

The favors were so sweet and were sealed with this...

Inside was a donation to the no-kill animal shelter, where they got their dog Xander and a cookie cutter in the shape of Xander himself.

The mixed drinks were all served in mason jars. The husband's Jack and Coke...

My watermelon mojito. Um, yeah, it was that good...

This was the barn where all the dancing, cake eating, sundae making (yes, there was a gelato bar) and serious fun time went down.

There was a train that took us on a ride around the grounds (please take notice at The Husband's 6'4'' frame squeezed into a kitty car).

And there was a miniature house because everyone needs one of these.

How about this for a big load of handsome.

And a quick break for the beautiful bride, before the party gets it's sea legs.

The bouquets were stunning and the succulent theme was echoed all over the decor, including the wedding cake.

Best appetizer of the night was this "grilled cheese." It was grilled bread with melted brie, hollandaise and fried onions.

Lamb on polenta cakes.

Dinner Time!

Good wine.

Caprese salad.

A massive pan of paella.

Carrot and jicama slaw with dill and marscapone cheese.

Purple potato salad with sauteed portobella mushrooms and lambs lettuce.

There were more pictures, but I wanted to get down to business. This was my plate, I ate it all. May I also point out that this was my first bite of red meat in twenty one years. Yeah, that, there... I ate it.

As the night died down, we headed into the barn, where this cake was accompanied by the previously mentioned gelato bar as well as a s'more campfire.

Stuffed, danced out and high on love, I wandered outside to get some fresh air. It was there on the patio, that I found these. A book of photos that the bride and groom had left out for their friends and family to add little quotes to. Here are some of the highlights.

Congratulations Anthony and Susie, thank god you got cooler as you got older. May your marriage be long and happy. Thank you for sharing it with us and for such a brilliant evening.


  1. I love everything about this wedding! The menu, decor, place settings, it all has this bride very inspired. Thanks for sharing!

  2. PS your dress looks straight out of Mad Men, heavenly!