Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pho (I've missed you)

So, I know it's been ages, but life sometimes takes you other places than your hobbies allow. I've been busy this Summer, lots of travel, weddings and of course making a movie takes up a lot of time and resources. So I've neglected you. It sucks, I know. Forgive me?

Here, this may make it up to you

It's my Summertime favorite, Pho. I've just read Anthony Bourdain's last two books and at one point he dedicated almost a whole chapter to the dish. While the man is crabby and seems to hate and then love everyone and everything, he has a way with words. I've eaten Pho many times before but somehow his devilish ways roped me right back in. If you don't know, it's actually pronounced 'phuh.' It's a Vietnamese soup with rice noodles, lime, basil, sprouts, chicken, beef, pork... whatever. You can add all kinds of spicy condiments to the broth to make it even more of what it is. And it's so much. It seems strange to want to eat this in the summer time but it actually, supposedly cools you off. You perspire a little, and as your body temperature rises, the differential between the outside temp and your body temp goes down, making you feel cooler. Or so they say. Regardless, most restaurants are air conditioned anyway and making sense of wanting soup in the Summer won't ever really happen. It's just good and you should eat it. I won't tell you where to go, because that's part of the fun of it all. Try starting here.

I've missed you...D


  1. LOVE love love Pho. Just made a delish batch last week!

  2. mmmmm. looks great, thanks. I'll work on a g.f. version and let you know! Happy to see you back in this space :)