Monday, June 18, 2012

White Peach Jam

I've known some major canning queens.  You know, the people who have pantries that are filled with jars of various sizes and colors.  People who have pantries that make them look like a 15th century alchemists.

I am not one of those people, but I know a lot of them and subsequently have amassed a little stockpile of my own.  Pickles and peppers, jams and jellies.  All made with love and given to me as Christmas gifts or thank you gifts or just for the sake of not having to compost the bounty of an over abundant Summer garden.

But when my cousin's white peach tree bent over with the weight of the most succulent, drippy and flavorful peaches I'd ever tasted, I thought how incredible it would be to taste them all year long.  The alchemist in me wanted to play.

People who are drawn to nostalgia and dreaming are the people who can.  It's like scrapbooking but with flavors instead of images.  I just like the idea of keeping a little time capsule of sweet summer peaches from June 2012 in my pantry.

I ended up making half of this low sugar recipe (except, I used turbinado sugar instead of white refined sugar).  The flavor of the peaches was what made the jam so unbelievable.  Their tender white flesh melted in my hands if I struggled with the pit for too long.  The skins came right off without even needing blanching.  They were at the height of ripeness. 

So far the lids have not popped which bodes well for me not poisoning The Husband when we eat it.  The little Italian-made jars tempt me every time I open the cupboard for dry beans.  I only made 3 jars and gave one to my cousin.  So, I am going to use them on special occasions.  Perhaps I'll wait until the Fall.  I know that by then, I'll be missing the heat and stone fruit of summer and the contents of these little jars will taste even better... if the lids don't pop.

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