Wednesday, July 28, 2010

White Trash 6 Layer Dip

Remember when 'White Trash' parties were popular? If you missed out on that early 2000's trend, it was basically a night of bad beer, ambrosia salad, and "I love my sister" t-shirts. It had it's moment and was fun while it lasted. The one thing that I took away from these festivities (aside from my hatred of Ding Dongs) was this 6 layer dip recipe. I hate to say this, but I love it, like kids love McDonald's, that's how much I love this. I don't even remember if I was the one who came up with it or not, but I'll just give myself credit because I can.

It's so fast and easy it's embarrassing. It requires no cooking and almost everything is premade and prepackaged (this is the one and only time I will say that). Plus, I've never seen leftovers with this, so I think it will fare well at your next Summer BBQ (especially if you invite me). Now yes, it's true, I have tried the 'all home made' version of this and yes it was better but if you are going to go to all that trouble, make something with filo and blue cheese, not a trashy, anglo, pseudo-Mexican dip that makes you want to put your face in it.

6-Layer Dip
9 inch square pan
One can of refried beans
One small container of sour cream (a little more than a cup)
One bottle of your favorite salsa (about a cup)
Two avocados
Pinch of Salt
Pinch of garlic powder
Shredded Mexican cheese (a little more than a cup)
3 Green onions

Let's do this...
Spread the beans on the bottom of the dish (I use the salsa ones fro Trader Joe's)

Mash up 2 avocados with salt and a dash of garlic powder and spread it on top of the beans.

Pour salsa over the top of the avo and beans. Not too much, look on the sides if your pan is glass and gauge even layers.

Add sour cream to the salsa. This is hard, it's best to start with dollops all over that you spread around instead of one big blob.

Sprinkle with grated Mexican cheese.

Chop up a couple onions for the top so it looks sort of fancy.

Eat the dip with a few bags of good chips, I like the blue corn ones, but if we are going totally W.T., I saw a lot of people eating them with Frito's. Whatever, it's good don't judge me.

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