Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Santa Barbara Mojito Party

My Mother loves mojitos. This wouldn't normally be adorable and strange except for the fact that most of my life, my parents never drank. Growing up, we had a stocked bar in the house but only used it for parties. Every once and a while they would maybe have a glass of wine, but that was rare and reserved for special occasions. It's astounding that my sister and I share their genetics. I'm not sure what happened to my Mom and Dad exactly but somewhere between becoming empty-nesters and retirement, my parents started to drink a little more often. Usually it's just one (lets not get crazy now) at a dinner party or restaurant. My mother loves a mixed fruity drink and my father a glass of red wine. I'm not sure why I find it so endearing. It's just that they have always been such highly functioning, by-the-book intellectuals it's nice to see them (in their 70's) throw caution to the wind and have a mojito every once and a while. Who says people can't change.

I grew up in Santa Barbara. I am totally bias but, I think it is the the most beautiful place in the world. My parents lived there for 40 years and then two years ago, they moved and retired to North Carolina. I am still coming to terms with this fact. I mean, North Carolina is beautiful and they are happy there but it seems pretty fucking crazy to me that anyone would voluntarily move out of Santa Barbara. I mean I moved, but I was also, 22 and I have never claimed sanity.

My Mom and Dad still come 'home' every now and again to visit their doctors, dentist, friends and daughter. But I think they are missing us less and less. North Carolina is a charmer. A month ago when they came to town, I threw them a big fat (don't you miss us) party. And to sweeten the pot, I made mojitos. There were a lot of mojitos and Cuban fish tacos. It was quite a feast.

Dorien's Mojitos
In an empty rocks glass (the short fat kind) muddle together
Fresh juice of one lime
1/4 cup of fresh mint leaves
Add ice to glass
Add one shot of light rum
Top off with sparkling water
Mix with spoon
For extra flavor add a floater of one T dark rum (optional)

I didn't take any photos of the cocktails because I spent most of the night muddling them and they were consumed in seconds. Mea Culpa. Here was my spread...

This fish taco recipe was taken from ALL RECIPES and they were the best grilled fish tacos I've ever made/eaten. The chipotle-lime crema was to die for.

I also made this awesome and incredibly SIMPLE SALSA From Mary and Alison's beautiful blog. I've made both the salsa and fish tacos again since this meal. I cannot reccomend them enough.

My godparents hosted the party at their beautiful Upper West Side Spanish bungalow, a home that I practically grew up in. All the usual suspects showed up. Friendships that my parents have cultivated for 30 plus years picked up right were they left off. We ate and drank and laughed into the night. I would be fooling myself if there wasn't a little part of me that hoped that they would be convinced to stay but the following week they packed up their little red car and drove back across the country. Yes they drive. Somethings are not subject to change.

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