Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween At Our House

I'm not a big fan of blood and gore. It's seems ironic since three of my IMDB credits are horror movies. I'll be in them, but watching them... I'm just too much of a wimp. When I watch scary movies, they stick with me and I can't shake them out of my brain. When Halloween comes around though, that is a different story. I love haunted houses, corn mazes and all the spooky stuff that comes with it. I want to emphasize the word "spooky." You see spooky is different than horror, well in my mind at least. When I think spooky, I think, crows, bats, bare trees and witches. When I think of the other, I think, bubbling puss and blood and wounds, you get it.

So this year for Halloween, I spent $3 on black and orange poster board and made this.

Side note - The bars on the window of our house is a carry-over from the 70's when they were fashionable-necessary. They make me cringe. If I owned this house, I would rip them out immediately. Alas, until we buy a house of our own, use your imagination as to how cool this would look with out them.

I free-handed the image, cut it out with kitchen scissors and scotch taped it to my front window.

During the day, it casts shadows all around the living room.

Spooky, yes?

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