Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Club Borba

Every Summer, since 1982, Rick and Merry Borba invite their friends and family on a camping trip at their cabin in Volcano, California. Guests arrive on a Summer Friday and stay through the weekend. We spend the weekend, swimming in the pond, playing horseshoes, volleyball, cards, drinking good wine, Meyer lemon margaritas, good beer, bad beer, eating amazing food (next post), being out of cell phone range and returning to ourselves.

This year's "Club Borba" was my favorite so far (from what I've heard, most likely the best in Borba-history). Some of the highlights...

#1 Rick built a stage on the hillside just across the creek between two redwoods. He invited a live band to play all weekend. The band was made up primarily of three remarkable teenagers who's gift for soul and the blues was way way beyond their years. I am dying to get them discovered, they were way too good for words. On Saturday night they were joined by two professional blues musicians and the five of them made the entire valley echo with the sweet sound of funk all night long.

#2 The best part of the entire weekend was the proposal. My good friends Robin (daughter Borba) and her long time boyfriend Rick (yeah confusing I know) got engaged and I of course cried. Like a baby. It's easy to love this family.

Our drive from LA took 7 hours.

Some of us enjoyed it more than others.

A most welcoming sign.

Two in the cooler, one in the creek.

The Summer Kitchen is the heart of the weekend, where oatmeal-cherry cookies and sweet plums are always available.

Nuff said.

They have one of these.

The Borba's OG Van.

More Vans. This family loves a good van.

Ruling her roost.

When nature calls, here is one option.

The kitchen back at the cabin. Can't you see your grandmother making an ambrosia salad here?

Toucan salt and pepper shakers and a bread box, two things I think I need now.

The announcement of the engagement.

Rick Borba spreads the love as always.

The happy couple walking into town.

The sky in Volcano is like a stained glass window of green leaves.

The old cowboy saloon where we watched the World Cup.

The Fireplace/BBQ that inspires the best conversations, many naps and acts as a coveted dinner seat.

Good night. Til next year...

Coming up next... the food of Club Borba.

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