Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Little Summer Garden

I have a potted veggie garden on my back patio. It's my little oasis. Every morning I water and pick off the caterpillars while I drink my coffee. Things are starting to look pretty good. I picked my first zucchini this morning.
Zucchini blossom

My first tomato of the year

A baby Persian cucumber


It's amazing what a few pots of dirt can do.


  1. You are so lucky! I don't think zukes will grow here in London. And we can't get their flowers for making beignets either. Not very sure about my peppers even though we are in a heat wave. Oh what I would give for a California vegetable garden here...Not sure I could stand the heat but my plants sure could!

  2. I bet you could grow anything in that glass atrium of yours Shelley. Indoor kitchen pepper gardens are so common here. I may pick up some blossoms at the Tuesday Farmer's Market. Beignets sound fantastic right now.

  3. Every morning before work I check in on my garden, and it is so serene and peaceful and a great way to start the morning. I love that plot of dirt like a child.

  4. Every time I walk by your squash blossoms I want to fry them up into a quesadilla! Yum!