Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Living for Tuesdays

In the 7 years that I have lived in Downtown Culver City (a little incorporated City within the City of Los Angeles), I have found that there is nothing more quintessentially Culver City than the food. We have amazing food. New and old restaurants grocery stores and 'Surface' (the restaurant supply store to the gods). You name it, we have it (and yes, I'm sure Johnathan Gold has eaten it). But to me nothing compares to a Tuesday on Main Street and the beautiful bounty of the Summertime Farmer's Market. Tuesday's are Culver City's food at it's best (or best potential).

After spending my honeymoon reading Michael Pollan's 'Omnivore's Dilemma,' I came back home with a renewed sense of purpose in my approach to food. It wasn't all totally new information to me, the book just reminded me of things that I already knew but for the first time, the information just settled. It stuck and it's teachings became a true practice. I haven't looked at a Coke, a box of cereal or a McDonald's as an appetizing source of food in weeks.

For the most part, I have always eaten pretty consciously. I stay away from processed foods, and even though I love to save here and there (Coupons = my friend), I'll never compromise nutrition for savings. 'Junk' as my mother calls it, just never became a staple in my pantry. And to make me sound even more granola, I haven't touched a piece of beef, pork or lamb in 20 years. I was a crazy kid in Junior High who felt bad for the animals but still wore leather (go figure) and I never really got over it. It tastes good, I know but a habit is a habit and I just don't really find a need to break this one especially knowing what resources go into most meat production.

Now that doesn't mean that I don't have a hard core hankering for 'Honey's Kettle Kitchen' every now and then (the best fried chicken in LA - tip of the hat to 'Roscoe's'). And yes I have my indulgences and not always in monastic-style moderation (wine = my friend). It's just that organic, local, and low impact food just tastes better to me. And I love, love, love food.

So my friends, today is Tuesday and here's what was for dinner...

This is how to store asparagus people.

This chicken is unlike any other I have ever eaten. This guy "eats bugs" from Rivandeneira Farm. Potatoes, Summer squash, celery, garlic, mushrooms spices, salt, pepper and herbs from my little garden. 350 for like 45 min. Remove the chicken after firm about 1/2 hour and then with a little toss of olive oil over the veg. raise oven temp to 400 for the last 15 min. I served it with broiled asparagus because, the husband loves them and I love him.

My husband and I had our 'Sunday' dinner on Tuesday like we normally do and for 6 days, I'll get to smell my fresh sweet pea flowers with my robot friend and eat the rest of the loot that I brought home (eggs, lettuce, apples). But I will (and this is no secret), all week long, be living for next Tuesday when another meal will warrant enough pleasure to blog about it. Unless it burns... cause I have been know to do that too.

Mmmm food.


  1. See I learn something, I didn't you store asparagus like that!!!
    I'll be following this blog closely ;)
    Miss you girl