Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tuesday's Score: Strawberries

I had, 20 minutes Tuesday afternoon before I had to meet a friend for a top secret birthday mission. If you know me, 20 minutes is never enough time for the Farmer's Market. What can I say, the day had gotten away from me. My iPhone screen turned white and crashed, I forgot the pin to my debit card (come on it's new), and traffic, oh god. But somehow, some way I found myself on Main Street with my shopping bag and a list. With the ambition of putting together some coq au vin this week I trekked right over to Rivadeniera for half a chicken. But I was late and they were out. This day was not the Tuesday, I had hoped for. Then I saw them, organic, 3 baskets for $5, my friends...I ate three while I was buying them. They were like candy.

The thing about buying a row of berries like this for a 2 person household, is that you can never seem to eat them fast enough. They are so fragile and tender that the slightest touch yields a bruise. They keep for 3 days tops and then it's off to the freezer. I usually find myself offering some to everyone who steps into my house. They go in every lunch, every cereal, last night we even ate them at the movies. My friend Robin made a pie out of hers last week that I am still thinking about. It takes a lot of creativity to find new ways to eat your berries in time. But I'd have to say, my absolute favorite thing to do with these red little friends is one of the simplest. it's a Greek/California hybrid, just like me. You can eat it for desert, or breakfast (cause that's how I roll people).

Greek Yogurt Sundae

-1/2 cup of Greek yogurt
-1 basket of strawberries
-1 t good honey
-1 T of sugar if you like

Slice up strawberries and macerate them with a tablespoon of sugar by mixing them together and leaving them in the fridge for an hour. This lets the juices spill out and make a nice little sauce. If they are sweet enough and you don't want the sugar, don't use it. After an hour, put your yogurt in a bowl and drizzle with honey and the syrupy strawberries.

Words cannot describe. Just try it and we'll talk.

I was so inspired by the strawberry bounty that I decided to plant some. Last year's strawberries went the way of the neighbor's dog, Potato.

He loves them too, what can I say. To keep him out of the goods this year, I put my strawberries in a hanging planter. My one little plant probably won't yield a farmer's market style bounty, but hey, a girl can dream.

And, I'm doing a lot of dreaming because the husband is 6'3" and this basket is hanging over the back stairs. But what's a little forehead bruise when you get strawberries in return.


  1. Awwww, yay for Tater! I think you captured his grossness quite nicely :-). And you just made me want to buy some Greek yogurt!

  2. PS- With Greek yogurt, go full fat, or 2%. The non fat makes my ancestors sad.