Friday, August 20, 2010

Audrey's Seattle Shower

Once I landed in Seattle, my Mom and Dad picked me up at the airport and whisked me off to a beautiful bridal shower for my cousin Liam's betrothed. There is something special about Seattle in the Summer. All that rain pays off I guess...
The shower was held on Audrey's friend's porch. After this, yeah, I want a porch.
We all gathered around and showered the bride. She made out. I bought her three pairs of Hanky Pankys (best underwear in the world).
She was glowing. I know it's a cliche but she was. She's also just awesome, so one might argue that she's always like this.
Audrey's mother gave her a silver art deco tea set. The same tea set that Audrey's great grandmother gave to her grandmother and that her grandmother gave to her mother on their wedding days. There were tears... all around.
The flowers were provided by our lovely host. I think they were from Pike's Market. Please understand that the flowers in the summer in Seattle are better than anywhere in the world. These Dahlia's took my breath away.
Our hostess made a blackberry sauce that we added to Prosecco. Blackberry Belinis. My goodness they were fantastic. I had four.
And the food was, a green chili and chicken strata...

Spinach and goat cheese strata,
There were berries growing everywhere up there, I ate blackberries off a bush at the park. I hope they weren't poison. These obviously weren't but my god, the climate in Seattle is perfect for berries.
The favors were so cute and creative. Our hostess was a wonderful cook and she made these...

Adorable cupcakes. I brought one home for the husband, marshmallow frosting and a cute little bride and groom.
After the shower, my belly loaded with brunch-wonderful, I perfected the art of stealing shit. Audrey and Liam are both professional chefs. So, I had the idea to perform their wedding ceremony out of a chef's bible...
I broke into Audrey's apartment and stole her copy of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and then the husband and I taped the ceremony inside and prepared ourselves for the most delicious wedding-weekend of all time. Because when chefs get married, everyone wins.

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