Sunday, August 29, 2010

Go Here. Now.

I am a huge fan of watching movies in the great outdoors. We are blessed here in Los Angeles, to have a great climate and very little rain. Because of that, outdoor movies can and do happen all year long. I've been a die-hard fan specifically of the Cinespia screenings at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. For our wedding, we even registered for a rolling picnic basket, two low lawn chairs, an outdoor blanket and a pair of Snuggies. But now, I've found something even better. The Outdoor Cinema Food Fest. It is a weekly food truck festival and a screening of a fantastic movie (last week it was in La Cienega Park and the movie was "the Princess Bride"). I went with an army of friends and family and every single one of us is going back.
The huge inflatable screen is large enough so that everyone has a great view.

This lavash caprese sandwich from the Vizzi Truck was remarkable and succulent. It was filled with green heirloom tomatoes, a soft feta cheese and basil. They served it with truffled popcorn with figs and scallions and it was the best movie popcorn in the universe. I could have eaten a big box of just the popcorn and been a very happy girl.

For desert, I got these meyer lemon and thyme shortbread cookies. I am going to try to replicate these because they were super yummy.

And then there was the watermelon juice from Uncle Lau's that I washed it all down with. It was by far the best thing all night. I had to keep myself from drinking it all down at once. I cannot wait to have another.

Best of all, you can bring your dog. She kept me warm when the night got chilly and she flirted with the boys all night.

Trust me people, I wouldn't let you down friends, GO. You can thank me later.

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