Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Birds Have It So Good

We took a trip to Lake Tahoe last weekend with The Husband's wonderful and enormous (17+) family. My mother in law says that Lake Tahoe is where God goes on vacation. I completely agree, now that I've seen it in the Summer, I'm absolutely going back. It was so pristine, so untouched. I realize now, why that area is so revered and sacred to so many.

We only had four days to spend up there and rather than spend 18 hours of that time in the car, we elected to fly. Even the flight was pristine. We flew on Horizon Air's 60% reduced emissions propeller plane. It was the smoothest plane ride of my life and the views...the views were...well, another place where God goes on vacation.

Yosemite from the air.

Our approach back into Los Angeles.

Dipping under the marine layer.

Hovering above the runway.


And so my love story with California continues...

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