Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seattle - Doughnuts

Our 2nd morning in Seattle we went all the way. I'd been wanting to try Top Pot Doughnuts for a while. We Don't have them in LA. When The Husband and I found out that there was one walking distance from our hotel, well it was pretty clear what breakfast was going to entail. We took a group of cousins on the brief trek to Top Pot. We walked into the place like an angry/hungry Greek mob and proceeded to buy out the store.

Best apple fritter of my life and it was huge, the size of a CD. This and a cup of coffee, forget about it.

I couldn't finish mine, I'm ashamed to admit. It was the largest most amazing doughnut ever. I've got a sugar intake max before my body goes a little crazy. But the Greek mob took care of the rest. After breakfast, we took a three hour walk through Pikes Place Market and to The Seattle Library to burn off all the calories that we ingested. Hardly a punishment, more like a reward for rewarding yourself. Hey, it's vacation.

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